Can you connect the unconnected?

We use the internet every day: on our computers, on tablets and mobile phones. You can watch TV, make phone calls, send photos, and shop - all on the internet.

But even today less than 1% of all things are connected to the internet. What happens when your microwave, your central heating, your car, or even maybe your school workbooks are connected to the internet?

Cisco invites your school to take part in the Little BIG Awards to show us how you think your life could be made better by connecting the unconnected.

Why take part?

The Little BIG Awards is a rewarding and exciting way to improve your business and life skills, while also being a fun way to cover some academic topics that will help towards you formal qualifications.  You will work as a team with assistance from one or more Industry ambassadors to solve a problem; design develop and prototype a solution; and build a business plan around your idea.

The Little BIG Awards will help you meet (and hopefully beat) the requirements of the curriculum for Computer Science in KS3 and KS4. Here are some areas that directly relate to the curriculum:

  • Using operators and logic to make decisions based on inputs
  • Understand networks of computers and how they communicate
  • Handling very large datasets and processing lots of things in parallel
  • Translating things from the human world into things computers can understand

STEM Ambassadors will be on hand to visit schools (or connect with them remotely) and to help and provide structured activities 

Anyone can become involved with helping the students fulfil their potential to be winners.  STEM Ambassadors will provide industry experience and guidance to the students during their journey through the challenge. Cisco experts will be on hand to assist ambassadors, and will provide guidance on some structured activites.  Ambassadors will be expected to make a minimum of 2 visits (or virtual meetings) to assist at an allocated school, and will need to be an approved STEM Ambassador.

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