Uploading your submissions

28 November 2016

December is almost here and so now would be a great time for your school to start uploading some of your submissions to the Little BIG Awards website. You can upload documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs and photos of your work so far.

If you've had a brainstorming session, take a photo of your ideas and upload it. Have you done a questionnaire to see if people would be interested in your idea? Then upload it along with the results and any conclusions you came to. Got your team nicely organised with roles and dealines? Show us how you've done it.

Schools can upload any time from now until the subsmission deadline for your regional final (the date of the deadline is on your homepage when you login). Simply select the "Upload" menu item and then select the files you want to upload for your submission in the green box. When you've uploaded a file it will appear in the list below. You can delete files if you change them later.

Your Ambassador will also get to see the documentation you can created so this can be a great way for your school to get feedback ahead of the finals.

By your submission deadline you will also need to upload any presentation you want to use at the regional final. This should be uploaded in the blue section "Upload final presentation" and will be made available to you on a shared computer at the final.

We strongly recommend you start uploading your documentation now and continue uploading as you go, rather than leaving it until the deadline. Try to organise your documentation in a logical way as the judges will only have a short time to look at it all. Don't forget to use your Ambassador to help you as 20% of your score comes from Planning and Documentation.